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C Change offers a holistic approach to healing one's wounds. We have specializations in Somatic Experiencing, Expressive Arts Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Dancing Mindfulness which allow us to create an approach just for you. We offer both therapy and coaching.

Diversity Statement

C Change values diversity, because it is understood that all persons have their own stories that define their journey in life. We do not judge based on your body, your color, who you love, your age, your gender, or your sex. Instead, we celebrate the unique perspective that you bring to our collaboration and community. We seek to provide support in the unfolding of your story through hard discussions and identification of the traumas and oppressions trapped within your muscles. We are here to witness the development of your voice as you find your narrative.

The Seven Cs of C Change


We approach our experiences and processes with an attitude of gentle inquiry and exploration.


We hold compassion for all our wounded parts.


We create a path to healing using expressive and trauma-informed practices; we use creative tools and we create the healing path that is right for us as individuals.


We work together as a team to effect healing and change; no one is the boss or the expert.


Trauma often robs us of choice.  We seek to empower our clients to make their own choices about the tools we use, the paths we travel, we choose our best practices.


Trauma can take away our ability to connect with ourselves, with safe others, and with divine presence. We seek to heal connection through the therapeutic relationship and process.


We work with transformative processes to effect change from the cellular level all the way through to the level of our daily functioning. Our goal is a kind of alchemy, the transmutation of lives lived in the dark night of trauma into the lightness of lives of joy and purpose.
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