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Expressive Art Therapy

What is Expressive Art Therapy?

We all have a right to expression and all have our own unique ways of expressive. With Expressive Art Therapy, it takes into account these varied forms to facilitate a deeper sense of healing through movement, painting, crafting, music, and more. Expressive aRts gives a voice to the parts of us kept in the dark to promote healing and growth.

Training and Supervision

C Change's Expressive Art Therapy Supervision meets the criteria for certification and those pursuing REAT/REACE. Supervision covers topics learned during trainings, consultations for techniques utilized with clients, and learning new techniques.

To qualify for a certification in Expressive Art Therapy, you must meet the IEATA standards of 75 continuing education hours in expressive art based practices, 200 clinical hours (referred to as internship hours by IEATA), and 25 individual supervision hours or 50 group supervision hours. These must be completed and supervised by an Expressive Arts Program supervisor (REAT). 

Superivision costs through C Change vary by clinician. View our about page for more details.

You can find continuing education hours through C Change or IEATA.

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