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Hi, I'm Peyton, Let's take a journey together.

Therapy is an interpersonal and intrapersonal journey to moving the obstacles in your life that prevent you from being the best version of yourself. It's a personal journey to grow roots. Taking the deep dive to grow your roots and blossom takes time and effort. Let's explore the emotional and spiritual needs you need to blossom in this world.

To achieve the development of roots, I help you heal those trauma wounds that have kept you stuck in time. You can view trauma as root rot. First we have to identify the rot and clean it so new roots can form. My training as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist with specializations in EMDR, Expressive Arts Therapies, and Mindbody Therapies helps facilitate new grow. Whether this new growth is through verbal expression, written word, paint, collage, music, etc, new growth can be achieved in a variety of ways individual to you. I am also trained in Reiki level 2. 

Those that have worked with me have found they are able to move and mold stuck energy into creative processes of growth and insight. They are able to finally close the door on past issues and traumas that haunted them and let go of old energies that no longer serve them. Through this process, they learn a deep understanding of who they are, how they function in the world, and address intergenerational traumas by breaking those cycles. 

Peyton is licensed in Ohio.

"Peyton is an empathic, intuitive guide who has the ability to see clearly to the essence of people. They are extremely knowledgeable, constantly learning and growing, and have a playful, integrative style. Working with them is both fun and life-changing."

-Ramona Skriiko M.S.Ed, LPCC

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